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Build better products with our UX survey tool

Understanding your user’s needs and wishes allows you to build digital products that are effective, useful, exciting, and easy to use. Explore the resonio UX survey tool and its benefits for your research.

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Our UX survey tool makes research easy for you

UX survey tool survey creation

Design a UX research survey

Quickly build surveys with the UX survey tool – thanks to its ready-to-use templates and user-friendly interface.

UX survey tool target group segmentation

Select your target group

Make excellent use of our broad international survey participant pool and many precise segmentation options.

UX survey tool results

Receive your results

On the dashboard of our UX survey tool, you can set a deadline for your UX research survey and track its development.

Usability testing

UX testing helps find simple solutions

Making something simple is hard work. UX survey tools evaluate how easily your product is used by the intended market. Their comments will assist you in identifying possible issues and producing the best outcome.

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results of a UX A/B testing tool

A/B/N testing

Conduct UX research surveys – Make the right choice

For conversion rates or user engagement, small improvements can have a big effect. Let different variations in so-called A/B testing compete against each other to find out what is the right decision for your product.

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Feature tests

Find out which features work

UX testing before implementation is essential for the success of new features. By gathering feedback from your target audience, you can refine and improve your product in meaningful ways. Learn how people navigate using UI and UX testing tools.

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Use resonio’s UX survey tool for all types of UX & UI research

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resonio – the simple UX survey tool

Even without prior knowledge of UX research surveys, you can quickly get results and improve usability with resonio. Why? Simple navigation, ready-made survey templates, an existing pool of survey participants and automated reports make the process a piece of cake. Of course, you also have the option of creating an individual UX research survey and report. Additional features such as an AI-based fraud detection offer security from start to finish. Discover resonio’s features and use the UX survey tool for a wide range of applications from product research to brand research to advertising effectiveness.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions regarding UX survey tools

What is a UX survey tool?

UX survey tools are used in the area of market research in which usability is tested. This includes visuals, communication with the customer and interaction. The methods of UX research can be qualitative or quantitative and range from user interviews, observations, and usability tests to questionnaires and data analyses. The UX research survey results provide valuable insights into user needs and help designers and developers make informed decisions.

How do UX research surveys help improve usability?

Improving the usability of a product requires a combination of research, design, and testing. The first step is identifying where the weak points are. Secondly, design principles such as simplicity, clarity, and intuition can be applied to optimize the user interface. A/B/N tests and usability tests with real users are essential to check the effectiveness of the changes. Feedback should be continuously collected and analyzed in order to make further optimizations. Further key factors for high usability include accessibility for all users, fast loading times and mobile responsiveness.

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