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Survey Results Report for Comprehensive Analysis

Our survey results report allows you to easily present your survey results. Gain meaningful insights in seconds with customizable chart views and extensive filtering options. Export your data flexibly and present your results effortlessly.

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Survey Results Report Features

Uncover detailed insights effortlessly with our survey results report, offering customizable and comprehensive analysis of your survey data. Tailor your reports to meet specific criteria and visualize trends with ease.

Survey Results Report Feature: Chart types

5 chart types

Survey Results Report Feature: Filtering options

Numerous filtering options

Survey Results Report Feature: pptx presentation

Ready-to-use results presentation (pptx)

Survey Results Report Feature: Export formats

5 Types of Export Formats

Seamlessly dive into survey insights:
Explore with ease using our survey results reports

Access professionally designed reports with just a click. Instantly obtain summarized survey results and individual responses. Modify charts and tables or apply data filters effortlessly. Our platform allows you to present information in a clear and customizable manner.

Chart View

Change chart type and data view as needed

Tailor your survey results’ visual representation by selecting from various chart types that best suit your data.

Utilize our quick settings to filter results based on demographic characteristics such as gender, age, and location, gaining targeted insights into different segments of your audience.

Different chart types and filters
Different chart types and filters
Different chart types and filters
Different chart types and filters
Different chart types and filters
Different chart types and filters
Different chart types and filters

Data Analysis

Apply advanced filtering options

Segment your data by specific criteria for deeper data analysis. Identify possible correlations and dependencies between responses and other respondent characteristics.

Data Chart Export

Export analysis charts for presentations

Export your analysis charts directly as a PowerPoint presentation and edit them further as required.
This makes it easy for you to present your survey results to relevant people, such as superiors or other decision-makers. The clear visualization and flexible adaptability ensure effective communication of your findings.

Export Survey Analysis Charts for Presentations
Export options for survey result data tables

Data Table Export

Tabular results view and export options

Use our tabular results view to get a structured overview of your survey results. For seamless processing, you can download the data in a variety of formats including XLS, XML, CSV and TXT. This gives you maximum flexibility in how you analyze and use the data you collect.

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Experience the power of our comprehensive online survey tool and get instant detailed results with our survey results report for a holistic analysis of your survey data.

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resonio’s comprehensive survey solution includes an insightful survey results report

Experience the full scope of resonio’s survey solution with a detailed survey results report. In addition to simplifying the survey creation process and providing extensive customization options, resonio enables you to deepen your insights by including a comprehensive survey results report. Gain flexibility in implementation and scaling without worrying about finding online survey participants. Leverage our global community to reach your exact target audience and ensure reliable and meaningful survey results. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us. We’re here to help you maximize resonio’s potential.

FAQ about resonio’s survey results report

How can I access the Survey Results Report?

You can access the survey results report via the resonio platform. Once your survey is complete, navigate to the 'Analyses & Insights' section where you will find a detailed overview of your survey results as well as analysis charts, many filter and download options.

What types of Chart visualizations are available in the Survey Results Report?

The Survey Results Report offers a variety of chart visualizations, including

  • Bar,
  • Pie,
  • Stacked Bar,
  • List view
to represent your data in a clear and insightful manner. You can change the visualizations based on your needs.

In what formats can I export the Survey Results Report?

You can export the Survey Results Report in various formats, such as PowerPoint (pptx), Excel (xls), XML, CSV, Text (txt), or as a CSV with media files in a zip format. This flexibility ensures easy sharing and further analysis of your survey data.

Is the Survey Results Report compliant with data protection regulations?

Yes, resonio takes data protection seriously. The Survey Results Report generated through our platform complies with data protection regulations, ensuring the confidentiality and security of your survey data.

How can the Survey Results Report benefit my data analysis process?

The Survey Results Report simplifies and enhances the data analysis process by providing a visual and comprehensive overview of your survey results. It allows you to identify trends, patterns, and key insights, facilitating informed decision-making based on your survey data.

Can I share the Survey Results Report with others?

Absolutely. You can easily share the survey results report with relevant stakeholders, colleagues, or decision makers. The export options in various formats make it easy to present and collaborate on the results of your survey. You can also invite and add additional team members to your resonio client account.

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