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We offer you more than just a survey tool. With resonio, you also get direct access to one of the largest global communities, ready to participate in your surveys.

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Benefit from our community of survey participants

Benefit from our community of survey participants - over 5 M. verified participants

> 6M verified participants

Benefit from our community of survey participants - Numerous segmentation options

Numerous segmentation options

Benefit from our community of survey participants - Screening options

Screening options

Benefit from our community of survey participants - Option to set distribution quotas

Option to set distribution quotas

Benefit from our community of survey participants - Panel creation option

Panel creation option

Participant data

Survey participants from all over the world

Our global community consists of more than six million people on six continents. Between the ages of 18 and 80, they represent a cross-section of the population. This allows you to conduct research in many different markets and populations.

Details about survey participants
Survey Participants across the globe at resonio
Survey Participants Segmentation at resonio


Choose the survey participants you need

Our segmentation options enable you to target specific types of individuals or groups. By selecting participants based on certain criteria such as demographics, behavior, or interests, you will find the right participants for your survey.

More about segmentation options


A validated survey participant community

When they register as survey participants, we validate the demographic profile of each member. This ensures that you receive accurate and meaningful results. We provide support to community members and foster exchange and contact among them.

Trustfull Survey Participants at resonio
Survey Participants Quality Control at resonio

Response quality

Our quality control keeps results reliable

You need to have confidence in your survey results. For this reason, we employ a variety of safety measures to minimize the risk of fraud. That’s how we can make sure that the insights you gain are credible, allowing you to make accurate decisions and conduct reliable research.

More about quality control

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The resonio complete package, including survey participants

In addition to providing the survey and numerous customization options, resonio also offers the option to add survey participants. This allows you to be incredibly flexible in your implementation and scaling, without the need to worry about finding online survey participants. Thanks to our global community, you can reach the exact target audience for your survey and rely on the results. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you fully harness the potential of resonio.

FAQ on survey participants at resonio

What criteria can I use to segment my survey participants at resonio?

We continuously expand our segmentation options according to our customers' needs. Currently, you can segment survey participants by the following criteria:

  • Countries & Regions
  • Languages
  • Gender
  • Age

If you need further segmentation options, please integrate screening questions into your questionnaire or contact our sales team, who will be happy to make a proposal to meet your requirements.

How are the results of my survey ensured to be reliable?

We authenticate the identity of each survey participants registered with us via 2FA for all user profiles, block multiple use of an email address, and use an AI tool to prevent duplicate accounts/fraud profiles. To get the best possible results, integrate attention checks in your survey.

Are there features to help me increase participation in my survey?

Besides optimizing the survey title and briefing, you can rerun the survey with increased payment. To increase the payout, please contact our support team. In some cases, for an additional fee, our support can also offer to promote your survey via email or make your survey more visible in the Community Workplace.

Can I conduct a panel survey?

Yes, after conducting a survey, you can define the participants as a team and select this team as the participant group for your next survey.

Can I exclude survey participants from the survey?

Yes, either during the survey using screening questions and attention questions or after a survey, create a team with the unwanted participants and select this team for your next survey as Blocklist-Userteams.

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