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resonio vs Qualtrics

resonio is the fast, easy-to-use, and cost-effective alternative to Qualtrics for B2C research.

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Customers Call Qualtrics “expensive”
with “limited” support

Source: G2

Limited Support

“Technical support is limited. The support team has very limited knowledge and many times give wrong information. Sometimes it feels you are getting templated messages.”

Inadequate Support

Support and service are profoundly painful. The team often provides limited or incorrect information.”

Hidden Costs

“Everything feels like an added cost—and you don’t find out about it until too late.”

Can be expensive

“The cost for our use case is often exorbitant. Our partners access the dashboards once or twice a year, but the pricing is the same as a power user. A different model for pricing, based on access time, would be great.”

Expert Chat Support
During Business Hours

With resonio, you’re never left without assistance. We offer personalized chat support during business hours, ensuring you always have access to help when you need it. If you encounter any challenges or have questions, our customer success lead Nina is just a message away.

Nina is a real person who is happy to assist you with your resonio inquiries. This direct, human support ensures you can navigate your survey projects with confidence, knowing expert help is readily available to keep you on track. Whether you need guidance on targeting specific groups or building your survey, Nina looks forward to helping you make the most of resonio’s self-service capabilities.

resonio Expert Chat Support
Background image Nina, Customer Success Team

Cost-Effective Pricing,
Transparent and Affordable

resonio offers a more cost-effective solution compared to Qualtrics.

The pricing for research tools that include access to their participant pool isn’t listed. Qualtrics doesn’t list their prices, but according to vendr.com, a recent buyer paid $20-30k for a 12-month plan.

In contrast, resonio provides clear, affordable pricing without hidden costs, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking value and transparency.

Ultimate Flexibility,
Scale Up or Down as Needed

resonio offers unparalleled flexibility for your survey needs. With resonio, you can scale up or down as much as you need to.

There’s no limit on how many surveys you can conduct, and you don’t have to upgrade to the next level or change plans. You only pay for the amount you use, which means if you use zero one month, you pay zero.

You have the freedom to adapt your usage to your exact requirements without unnecessary costs.

Unmatched in Value

“Resonio has transformed the way we conduct market research. Its user-friendly platform, rapid insights, and precise audience segmentation have established it as my preferred tool. Offering high-quality analysis and visualizations, Resonio provides exceptional market research that’s truly unmatched in value.”

Vito V. – Director, Market Research Source: Capterra

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resonio is fast, easy to use, and everything’s included

Benefit from our community of survey participants - over 5 M. verified participants

> 6M verified participants

Benefit from our community of survey participants - Numerous segmentation options

Numerous segmentation options

Benefit from our community of survey participants - Screening options

Screening options

Benefit from our community of survey participants - Option to set distribution quotas

Option to set distribution quotas

Benefit from our community of survey participants - Panel creation option

Panel creation option

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