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Main features of our online survey tool

Explore our online survey tool, allowing you to effortlessly create surveys tailored to your preferences. resonio provides you with a wide range of powerful features that enable you to customize online surveys down to the smallest detail.

Online Survey Tool Features 10+ templates

20+ templates

Online Survey Tool Features - unlimited questions per survey

Unlimited questions per survey

Online Survey Tool Features - 10+ question types

17+ question types

Online Survey Tool Features - media upload options

Media upload options

Online Survey Tool Features- logic options

Logic options

Online Survey Tool Features - setting of end-pages

Setting of end-pages

Online Survey Tool Features - flexible page set ups

Flexible page set ups

Online Survey Tool Features - numerous set up options for each question

Numerous set up options for each question

Online Survey Tool Features - logo add option

Logo add option

That’s how easy our online survey tool works

Creation options

Select a template or start from scratch

Start with one of our many templates and adjust it to your needs or build a brand new questionnaire.

online survey tool by resonio - Start Survey Creation
online survey tool by resonio - Survey Design

Survey compilation

Build your questionnaire

Simply drag individual elements from an element library into the questionnaire. For each element, you can set detailed options. Elements can be used to request input from participants in various media formats, to give them information or to define the look and feel of your questionnaire.

Structure & logic

Set up the structure and logic rules of your questionnaire

In addition to the individual questions, you can provide your questionnaire with its own structure and logic rules. Determine how many questions are asked per page or define relationships and dependencies between questions. You can also define entry and exit pages and individual chapters for your questionnaire.

online survey tool by resonio - Survey structure and logic
online survey tool by resonio - Survey finalization


Finish the questionnaire and set up your survey

In the last step you can give your questionnaire a title, create the briefing for the survey participants and provide information about data usage and confidentiality. You can also add your own logo to individualize the survey. Finally, select your desired target group and define how long the survey should run.

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