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Our market research services allow you to create surveys effortlessly, target specific audiences, and gain valuable insights to stay ahead. All in a single, powerful market research tool.

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Market research services make surveys easy

Our easy-to-access and flexible market research tool allows you to create customized surveys in just a few steps. Design your questionnaire, select the right audience and get meaningful results in no time.

Survey creation

Build a survey for your online market research

Your survey, your choice. Start with one of our many templates and customize it in the market research tool. Or create a completely new survey to meet the specific objectives of your online market research. Whichever option suits you best: Your survey will be up and running in no time.

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Editor in an online market research tool
target audience selection in a market research tool

Audience selection

Choose the right participants

Market research services at resonio include a community of more than six million users from all over the world – ready to answer your questions. Various selection criteria allow you to define the correct target audience for your research.

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Gathering feedback

Market research service with fast results

Fast or faster? You can set the time frame in which you want to receive responses. You can also check the progress of your survey at any time.

defining the duration of a survey in a market research tool
results and insights in a market research tool

Analyzing results

Get instant insights from the market research tool

Analyze your results in real time in the report dashboard. You can also export the data in different file formats or generate an automated report for colleagues or superiors. This allows you to optimize the analysis of your online market research for further processing.

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FAQ on resonio’s market research services

What advantages does resonio's market research tool offer over other providers?

resonio offers an efficient and effective solution for online market research. Compared to other providers, our market research services offer the following advantages:

  1. Time and efficiency: A wide range of templates and a large community of millions of survey respondents save you time and effort.
  2. User-friendliness: Our market research services are accessible and easy to use – even for people without extensive research experience.
  3. Flexible targeting: Whether you want to focus on a local audience or analyze global markets, the segmentation in our market research tool gives you all the options.
  4. Real-time insights: Transparent insights with real-time data means you don't have to wait until your survey is complete to see your first results.
  5. Comprehensive data analysis: Our market research services contain in-depth analysis options that go far beyond surface insights. This gives you a complete picture that you can customize for individual reporting.
  6. Cost efficiency: While analogue research methods often require expensive resources, resonio's online tool offers an affordable alternative without compromising on the quality of your results.

In summary, resonio provides a comprehensive tool for effective online market research that combines intuitive operation with high-quality results.

For which use cases are resonio's market research services suitable?

Our market research services provide suitable solutions for a wide range of users with different needs. Explore the expectations of potential customers for product research. Provide feedback on planned marketing activities with brand research and advertising research. Test the UX of digital products before the launch and get valuable feedback to improve your applications. And in an academic environment, users can get answers to their research questions from segmented audiences in a global community.

How do I correctly analyze the results from resonio's market research tool?

The appropriate analysis of your collected data always depends on the intended use. You can find out more about the different methods of data analysis and many other helpful knowledge resources in our Knowledge Base. You will learn how to interpret your survey results correctly and how to optimize them for further steps in your strategy.

How do I adapt my surveys to current trends and innovations in the field of online market research?

Our blog provides regular updates on interesting topics related to online market research. You can learn more about the future of market research and optimize your surveys according to the latest findings and trends in the industry for high-quality results. You can also subscribe to our resonio newsletter to receive regular news about market research and our services directly in your email inbox.

Is it possible to get support from resonio when using the market research tool?

In our Help Center you will find extensive resources to help you use our tool for effective online market research. Here you can search our Knowledge Base yourself and learn best practices for many use cases. If you can't find the answer to your question here, you can submit a ticket and get help from our dedicated support team.