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Brand research platform

That’s how easy research is with resonio’s brand research platform

brand research platform – survey creation

Create your brand research survey

Ready-to-use templates and an intuitive interface let you create surveys in minutes.

brand research platform – target group segmentation

Choose your audience

Our many segmentation options allow you to focus your survey on specific groups.

brand research platform – survey results

Get your results

Track the progress or your survey real time in your brand research platform account.

Brand perception

See how others see you

Competition is fierce. To succeed, you need a strong and unique brand. But what is the target group’s opinion of your brand? Discover their behavior, attitudes and emotions

Research brand perception
Brand Research Platform – Brand perception at resonio
Brand Research Platform – Brand Loyalty at resonio

Brand loyalty

Keeping your
customers close

People buy what they love. If you turn consumers into fans, they will repeatedly come back to you. Find out how loyal your customers are and identify areas where you can improve.

Research brand loyalty

Brand awareness

Measure the visibility of your brand

Your target audience needs to know what you can offer them. Assess your brand’s position in the minds of consumers and determine the level of familiarity they have with your brand.

Research brand awareness
Brand Research Platform – Brand awareness at resonio

Use resonio’s brand research platform for all types of brand studies

Use Brand Research Platform for Brand Value Research

Brand value

Use Brand Research Platform for Brand Identity Research

Brand identity

Use Brand Research Platform for Brand Equity Research

Brand equity

Use Brand Research Platform for Brand Perception Research

Brand perception

Use Brand Research Platform for Brand Awareness Research

Brand awareness

Use  Brand Research Platform for Brand Loyality Research

Brand loyalty

Use Brand Research Platform for Brand Preference Research

Brand preference

Use Brand Research Platform for Brand Advocacy Research

Brand advocacy

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resonio – your platform for brand research and more

We are your partner when it comes to conducting scalable and high-quality research for markets around the world. Create your own survey on resonio’s brand research platform. Click through our intuitive user interface, generate an individual brand research survey and receive meaningful answers in no time. We also generate a ready-to-use report for you to effectively present your insights. Improve your brand in a simple way.

FAQ: All you need to know about resonio as a brand research platform

How does the brand research platform work?

At resonio you can conduct surveys to do your brand research. You can create a suitable survey according to your needs, choose exactly your target group from our large panel, who will answer your survey. This way you will get all the information about the attitudes and opinions of your target group in a timely manner.
Learn more about how our market research tool works here.

How can I use surveys to conduct brand research?

Online surveys can be a powerful tool for conducting brand research. Here are some steps to effectively use online surveys for brand research:

  1. Define your research objectives: Clearly outline what you want to achieve through your brand research. Identify the specific aspects of your brand that you want to explore, such as brand perception, customer preferences, brand loyalty, or brand awareness.
  2. Log into resonio's brand research platform.
  3. Design your survey questionnaire: Craft a well-structured survey questionnaire that aligns with your research objectives.
  4. Ensure survey quality: Pay attention to the design and flow of your survey to ensure clarity and ease of completion. Keep the survey concise, engaging, and user-friendly to maximize response rates. Also, consider incorporating skip logic or branching questions to personalize the survey experience.
  5. Determine and select your target audience and send your survey to get responses.
  6. Analyze and interpret the responses / survey result data.
  7. Take action based on findings: Translate the survey findings into actionable strategies.

How much does it cost to use resonio as a brand research platform?

The cost depends on how many participants you want to survey, what segmentations you make regarding participants, and how long your survey is. With our price calculator you can calculate the price of your survey in advance.

How does resonio's brand research platform guarantee data security?

Our company is ISO certified. For years we have an audited and constantly optimized security management system. Our processes, data storage and transfers are 100% GDPR compliant; i.e. Secure storage, transmission and processing of data.

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