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Ines Maione | December 6, 2023

From Understanding the Customer to Increasing Sales: The Importance of Shopper Behavior Surveys for the Retailer

Retail is constantly changing, and the key to success often lies in understanding customers’ needs and preferences. In this context, market research gains crucial importance for shop operators. Comprehensive knowledge of target audience behavior enables companies to develop more targeted and effective strategies to meet the ever-growing demands of the market.

In this blog post, we take a closer look at the most important aspects of market research for shop operators. In this context, we conducted our own small pre-Christmas study as an example of analyzing consumer shopping behavior, which we present to you here. We carried out the study via resonio, our 3-in-1 market research tool.

resonio not only allows easy questionnaire creation, but also precise target audience selection through various segmentation options and free screening questions. With the help of the tool, trends can be identified and specific insights gained into the purchasing behavior of the target audience. In addition to data collection, targeted analysis of the results is a priority in order to obtain meaningful findings for the optimization of corporate strategies.

The Importance of Market Research for Shop Operators

Success stories in retail begin with a deep understanding of customers. Market research is the linchpin for shop operators to gain this understanding. It’s not just about knowing what customers buy, but why and how they do it.

  • Understanding customer preferences and behavior:
    • Market research makes it possible to identify the needs and preferences of the target audience.
    • A detailed understanding of purchasing behavior provides the basis for targeted marketing strategies.
  • Adapting strategies based on market insights:
    • By analyzing market data, shop operators can optimize and adapt their offerings.
    • Flexibly adapting to trends and changes in customer behavior is crucial for long-term success.
  • Improving the customer shopping experience:
    • Market research makes it possible to actively design the shopping experience.
    • Integrating customer feedback leads to personalized and appealing shopping conditions.

The challenge, however, is collecting accurate and relevant information. This is where resonio comes in as a 3-in-1 market research tool that not only facilitates data collection, but also improves the quality of results and simplifies analysis.

In the next section of this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how resonio can be used as a tool for targeted surveys and comprehensive market analysis.

resonio Showcase Survey:
“Consumer Shopping Behavior for Christmas Gifts”

The showcase survey on consumer shopping behavior for Christmas gifts, conducted with the resonio market research tool, provides initial insights into the decision-making processes and preferences of consumers during the festive season. The accuracy of the results stems from the verified pool of participants, AI-based quality assurance, and the manually inserted screening question “Do you celebrate Christmas?” at the start of the survey.

Integrating the screening question in the questionnaire ensures that only those whose answers are crucial for target group relevance participate in the actual survey. The screening process is not only effective, but also free of charge at resonio.

Survey Structure and Methodology

  • Number of participants and demographic segmentation:
    The survey was conducted twice with:
    300 participants from the resonio participant pool in Europe
    (You can find the evaluation of the Europe survey in the german version of this post.)
    300 participants from the resonio participant pool in the USA
    (We present the evaluation of the survey in the USA to you in this post)

    No further demographic segmentation was made.

  • Questionnaire creation:
    The questionnaire was created easily and quickly using resonio’s user-friendly online survey tool via drag and drop.
  • Additional segmentations:
    The use of the screening question “Do you celebrate Christmas?” ensured from the outset that only relevant participants were included in the actual survey.
  • Duration:
    Conducting the survey with a total of 600 participants was completed after just 17 hours (despite time difference).
  • The questionnaire for the online survey:
Do you celebrate Christmas? *
Have you completed your Christmas gift shopping? *
How many individuals are on your gift list this year?
Where do you plan to do most of your Christmas shopping or has done already? *
What’s your strategy for selecting gifts? *
What is your budget for Christmas gifts this year?
What types of gifts are you purchasing? *
What factors influence your gift choices? *
If budget wasn’t a concern, what gifts would you give your loved ones?
Words Counter: 70
Please name 1-2 things.

Unfortunately you are not part of the target group for this survey. Thank you for your participation.

Survey Results and Analysis:
Insights into Christmas Shopping Behavior

The survey results obtained through resonio provide informative insights into the purchasing behavior of the respective target groups.

Using the example of our showcase study on consumer shopping behavior for Christmas gifts, we show you what the evaluations look like and what valuable insights shop operators can gain from them.


Already Completed Christmas Purchases:

Switching views easily

You can customize the result analysis of the survey as needed. For example, you can choose a pie chart instead of a bar chart view …

Switching views easily

… or filter the results by gender, age, or country.

Share of Completed Purchases:

84.3% of respondents had not yet completed their Christmas shopping at the time of the survey (11/27/23).

➥ This gives shop operators an opportunity to develop targeted marketing strategies for last-minute deals.



XMas Survey Shopping Budget


Popular Budget Ranges for Christmas Gifts:

The most common budget range was ‘Between 250 – 400 USD,’ chosen by 24% of respondents.

➥ Store owners can position their product range accordingly and highlight special offers in this price range.


Shopping Locations

XMas Survey Shopping Locations


Preferred Shopping Locations:

64.7% of respondents planned to do their Christmas shopping both online and in physical stores/shopping centers.

➥ This emphasizes the importance of an omnichannel presence for store owners to cater to various customer preferences.


Gift Categories

XMas Survey Shopping Gift Categories


The Top Five Gift Categories were:

  1. Toys/Games,
  2. Fashion,
  3. Perfume/Cosmetics/Care Products,
  4. Electronics/Multimedia and
  5. Hobby Supplies/Sports Equipment.

➥ Store owners can align their inventory and promotions accordingly.


Influencing Factors in Gift Selection

XMas Survey Shopping Influencing Factors


The key influencing factors were:

  1. Helpful product reviews,
  2. Fast delivery and
  3. Wel assorted offers.

➥ Emphasizing these aspects in the marketing strategy can positively impact purchase decisions.

The automated charts from resonio not only provide a clear visualization of these results but also offer the ability to download detailed datasets for further analysis.


Considering the presented survey results and their practical applications, it is evident that market research is not only important but indispensable for store owners. The dynamic nature of retail requires businesses to stay informed and adapt their strategies to meet changing customer needs.

By using resonio, store owners gain insights into their target audience’s current behavior and a foundation for data-driven decisions. The showcased case study demonstrates how meaningful information can be obtained through targeted surveys and precise segmentation, directly impacting business.

It’s time for store owners to leverage the benefits of market research. resonio offers a user-friendly platform that not only makes survey implementation easy but also provides a sophisticated analysis tool.

Utilize resonio for Your Market Research

FAQs on the Significance of Surveys on Shopping Behavior for Store Owners

Why is understanding my customers' shopping behavior important for my online store?

Understanding shopping behavior allows store owners to grasp the needs, preferences, and decision-making processes of their customers. This is crucial to enhance the shopping experience, optimize product selection, and develop more targeted marketing strategies.

What information can I gather through surveys on my customers' shopping behavior?

Through surveys, store owners can collect information about customer preferences, preferred shopping channels, influencing factors on purchasing decisions, and other relevant aspects of shopping behavior.

How can surveys on shopping behavior help in developing personalized marketing strategies?

Surveys enable store owners to gather information about the type of personalized offers, recommendations, or promotions their customers appreciate. This allows the development of more targeted and effective marketing strategies.

In what ways can knowledge of shopping behavior help reduce returns and refunds?

A deep understanding of shopping behavior can help meet customer expectations better, thereby reducing the likelihood of returns and refunds. Through targeted surveys, store owners can identify factors leading to dissatisfaction and how to avoid them.

Why is resonio particularly well-suited for conducting surveys on shopping behavior?

resonio not only provides a comprehensive and user-friendly survey tool but also delivers suitable survey participants worldwide, along with high-quality reports and analyses of survey results. Additionally, resonio allows you to define your target audience very precisely through predefined segmentations and free screening questions.

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