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The UEFA European Championship 2024 has just begun. This major sporting event not only attracts football fans from around the world but also significantly impacts consumer behavior and advertising strategies. To understand the effects of the European Championship on grocery shopping habits and consumer advertising perceptions, a survey was conducted among UK consumers. The study provides valuable insights into how football enthusiasm influences purchasing behavior and responses to advertising.

The Importance of Market Research for Online and Brick-and-Mortar Retailers during Football Championships

Football matches are often social events enjoyed with friends and family. These gatherings lead to an increase in demand for certain food products that are convenient and quick to prepare. Simultaneously, the championship offers an excellent opportunity for brands and retailers to amplify their advertising messages and spotlight their products.

This survey examined aspects such as preferred shopping locations, types of purchased foods, spending behavior, and the perception and effectiveness of various advertising channels. The results reveal clear trends and preferences that can be crucial for companies to optimally adjust their marketing strategies for future championships.

resonio Survey: “Grocery Shopping Behavior in the UK during UEFA Euro 2024”

We conducted this study on grocery shopping behavior during the Euro 2024 using our efficient resonio market research tool to provide detailed insights into shopping and advertising behavior in the UK. For the study, we used our extensive and verified participant pool, ensuring broad demographic coverage and data accuracy.

To ensure our results accurately depict shopping behavior specifically for the European Championship, we included the screening question “Do you buy special foods or drinks for the UEFA European Championship 2024?” at the beginning of the survey. This ensured that only individuals whose behavior was relevant to the study topic participated.

Survey Structure and Methodology

  • Number of Participants and Demographic Segmentation:
    100 participants from the resonio survey participant pool in the UK.
  • Study on Grocery Shopping Behavior during the Euro 2024 - Demographics
  • Additional Segmentations:
    Through the screening question “Do you buy special foods or drinks for the Euro 2024?” at the beginning of the questionnaire, potential participants from the UK were segmented to match the target audience precisely. Participants who answered “No” to this question were directed to a specially created end page and thus excluded from the survey.
    Note: Screening questions are free with resonio.
  • Questionnaire Creation:
    The questionnaire was created quickly and easily using resonio’s user-friendly online survey tool via drag & drop.
  • Logics:
    To ensure that only participants who buy products branded specifically for Euro 2024 (Euro special editions) were asked the related questions, a logic was implemented in the question “Do you also buy special foods branded for the Euro, such as limited Euro editions of foods?” Participants who answered this question with “No” skipped the next dependent question and were directed to the final general question.
  • Duration:
    The survey, involving a total of 100 participants, was completed within 12 hours.
  • The Questionnaire for the Online Survey:

The survey focuses on understanding consumer behavior and advertising perception related to food products during the UEFA European Championship 2024, specifically within the UK.

questionnaire grocery shopping habits UK Euro 2024

In the following sections, the key findings of the study are analyzed in detail. They provide insights into how consumers in the UK prepare for the European Championship and how advertisers can develop special campaigns to take advantage of this unique opportunity.


Our analysis of the survey results provides enlightening insights into shopping behavior in the UK. We identified several key themes that shed light on:

  • Shopping Habits: Detailed insights into when and where people shop, what they buy, and how much they spend.
  • Advertising Perception: Discussion on the effectiveness of various advertising channels, customer engagement, and brand recognition.
  • Euro Tip: Will England win the Euro 2024?

These findings offer valuable insights for both consumers and retailers.

Additional Expenditures on Food for Euro 2024

Additional Expenditures on Food for Euro 2024

The majority of respondents (94%) plan to spend more on food and drinks during the Euro. Specifically, 18% stated “lots more” and 70% “a bit more” than usual. This indicates increased purchasing willingness during the tournament.

Popular Foods

Most Popular Foods for Euro 2024

The most popular products include snacks like chips and nuts (89%), beer (74%), and ready meals (57%). These categories are at the top of the shopping list and are particularly in demand at Euro parties.

Shopping Locations

Study on Grocery Shopping Behavior during Euro 2024 - Shopping Locations

Most respondents (90%) purchase these special Euro products in supermarkets. This underscores the central role of brick-and-mortar retail for Euro-related shopping.

Advertising Perception and Purchasing Behavior

Study on Grocery Shopping Behavior during Euro 2024 - Advertising Perception

TV advertising is perceived as the most attractive (62%), followed by social media (59%) and in-store tasting (14%). Traditional TV advertising continues to have a strong influence, but social media advertising is now almost as strong.

Purchasing Euro-Branded Foods

Study on Grocery Shopping Behavior during Euro 2024 - Purchasing Euro-Branded Items

A large portion of respondents (55%) buy Euro-branded foods, such as limited Euro editions of snacks and drinks. Euro-branded products are particularly attractive and are preferentially purchased.

Study on Grocery Shopping Behavior during Euro 2024 - Purchasing Branded Products

Particularly popular in the snack and sweets segments are products from brands like Walkers, Pringles/Kellogg’s and Haribo.

Expectations for the England Team

Study on Euro 2024 - Expectations for the England Team

On a scale of 1 to 10, respondents rate the likelihood of England winning the Euro at an average of 5.5. This shows moderate confidence in the performance of the England team.


The UEFA European Championship 2024 is not only a sporting highlight but also a driving force for changing consumption habits and effective advertising strategies.

The survey highlights important trends in shopping habits and advertising perceptions of food during the UEFA European Championship 2024 in the UK. Advertisers should focus on timely and appealing advertising during football championships and utilize football themes to maximize customer engagement and brand recognition. Retailers can benefit from increased spending by offering promotions and ensuring the availability of popular products.

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