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Easter – a holiday that holds special significance throughout the U.S. It’s a time that transcends the change of seasons, marked by diverse traditions, family gatherings, and the joy of spring awakening. But how do people in the US actually celebrate this festival? At resonio, we’ve explored this question and conducted a comprehensive study of Easter customs, shopping habits and advertising perceptions across countries to give you an insight into consumer behavior during Easter.

We examined the traditions people associate with Easter, what they buy during Easter, and the role of advertising in this special time. Are it the sweet treats, festive decorations, or family traditions that take center stage? The answers to these questions are as varied as our society.

The Importance of Market Research for Online and Brick-and-Mortar Retailers during the Easter Season

Easter is not just a time of tradition and family joy, but also a significant event for retail. For both online and offline retailers, Easter offers a unique opportunity to present their products and services in a festive context. In this phase, market research is invaluable for gaining insights into consumer behavior and preferences.
By collecting and analyzing data on:

  • Shopping habits,
  • Preferred products, and
  • Effectiveness of advertising measures

retailers can tailor their strategies to achieve maximum success.

Especially in online retail, where competition is just a click away, a well-thought-out market research strategy can make a difference. It helps in:

  • optimizing customer communication,
  • creating personalized offers, and
  • enhancing the shopping experience.

For brick-and-mortar stores, market research is also indispensable for:

  • increasing customer frequency, and
  • boosting sales.

Knowing which products are in high demand during Easter and how customers respond to different sales promotions, retailers can design their storefronts and sales floors more effectively and plan targeted actions.

In the U.S., where Easter has different meanings, it’s especially important for retailers to understand regional idiosyncrasies and preferences. Market research allows them to take cultural differences into account and adapt their product offerings and marketing strategies accordingly. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but also provides a competitive advantage in an ever-changing and evolving marketplace.

In short: Market research plays a crucial role in Easter business. It offers retailers valuable insights to optimize their offerings and better understand and serve their customers. Ultimately, it’s this understanding that enables retailers to successfully assert themselves during the festive and often highly competitive Easter season.

resonio Showcase Survey: “Easter customs and shopping behavior in the U.S.”

We conducted this showcase study on Easter using our efficient resonio market research tool to thoroughly illuminate the Easter customs and shopping behavior in the U.S. For the study, we utilized our extensive and verified participant pool, which ensures a broad demographic coverage, to guarantee the accuracy of the data.

To ensure our results accurately reflect the Easter celebrations in the region, we used the screening question “Do you celebrate Easter? This question at the beginning of the survey ensured that only individuals whose experiences and views were relevant to the topic of the study participated.

Survey Structure and Methodology

  • Number of participants and demographic segmentation:
    100 participants from the resonio Survey Participant Pool in the U.S.
  • Study on Consumer Behavior at Easter - Overview
  • Further segmentations:
    The screening question “Do you celebrate Easter?” at the beginning of the questionnaire segmented potential participants from the U.S. to precisely match the target group. Participants who answered “no” to this question were directly redirected to a special exit page and thus excluded from the survey.
    Note: Screening questions are free of charge at resonio.
  • Questionnaire design:
    The questionnaire was created easily and quickly using the user-friendly resonio Online Survey Tool via drag and drop.
  • Logics:
    To survey only those participants about their Easter purchases who typically buy sweets, gifts, or decorations for Easter, a logic was inserted at the question “Do you buy products related to Easter”. Participants who negated this question skipped the “Easter Shopping Habits” chapter and were directed straight to the next chapter.
  • Duration:
    The survey with the total of 100 participants was completed in 5 hours.
  • The questionnaire for the online survey:


Our analysis of the survey results provides insightful findings on Easter customs and shopping behavior in the U.S. We identified several key themes that shed light on:

  • The diversity of celebration traditions.
  • Preferences and trends in shopping behavior.
  • The impact of Easter advertising on consumers.

These insights offer valuable information for both consumers and retailers alike.

Easter Celebration

Study on Consumer Behavior at Easter - Easter Celebration

Easter as a family celebration: Our survey shows that 81% of respondents usually celebrate Easter with their family, with the preparation and sharing of Easter baskets a central part of the celebration for 66% of respondents. As many as 68% seem to do it the traditional way and celebrate an easter eg hunt. Interestingly, church attendance also plays a role, with 30% of respondents celebrating the holiday with a church service. These figures reflect a strong family tradition and the value placed on shared activities and customs.

Easter Purchases

Study on Consumer Behavior at Easter - Easter Purchases

Easter-themed purchases are very popular: 90% of respondents focus on candy or chocolate, while 56% also purchase other Easter-themed gifts. It is the combination of sweet indulgence, Easter gifts and festive flair that gives Easter its unique character.

Shopping Locations

Study on Consumer Behavior at Easter - Shopping Locations

The traditional shopping routine still dominates in preparing for Easter. Our survey found that an overwhelming 87% of respondents primarily purchase their Easter items in supermarkets or grocery stores. This shows that despite the rise of online shopping, used by 39%, the majority of consumers prefer personal shopping in local stores, perhaps to select products directly or out of tradition.

Information Sources on Easter Offers

Study on Consumer Behavior at Easter - Easter Offers

In the hunt for Easter offers, 42% of respondents rely on good old-fashioned in-store signage. This underscores the importance of the physical shopping experience and direct customer engagement in retail. Surprisingly, TV advertising plays a lesser role with only 13% impact, and newsletters seem to have minimal influence on consumer information gathering with just 5%.

Purchase Decisions

Study on Consumer Behavior at Easter - Factors Influencing Purchase Decisions

When it comes to purchasing Easter products, a clear picture emerges: For 84% of respondents, price and discounts are decisive, closely followed by product quality, which plays a role for 56% of participants. These figures highlight that the price-performance ratio is central for most consumers. Quality and cost consciousness go hand in hand when making Easter purchases.

Effective Advertising Elements

Study on Consumer Behavior at Easter - Advertising Elements

In Easter advertising, clear messages count: 38% of respondents are convinced by clear product representation, while 23% are influenced by clever messaging and 14% by emotional appeal. A hint that authenticity and clarity in advertising are gaining the upper hand.

Innovations in Easter Advertising

Study on Consumer Behavior at Easter - Innovative Easter Advertising

The results of our survey on new approaches in visual Easter advertising reveal a clear trend towards digital integration: 42% of respondents are interested in digital billboards, reflecting a desire for modern and interactive advertising formats. Campaigns with user-generated content attract 34% of participants, highlighting the importance of authenticity and customer engagement. Additionally, augmented reality (AR) experiences fascinate 32% of respondents, emphasizing the potential of immersive technologies in advertising.

Color Preferences in Advertising

Study on Consumer Behavior at Easter - Easter Colors

In the visual design of Easter advertising, 67% of respondents prefer soft pastel tones, while 29% favor bright colors. It’s the palette of spring colors that best captures the Easter mood and brings advertising messages to life.

Easter Imagery

Study on Consumer Behavior at Easter - Easter Images

Finally, when it comes to capturing the essence of Easter in an image, the majority (42%) choose the Easter basket as their favorite symbol, followed by the cross (23%) and Easter eggs (20%). These images capture the spirit of the season and combine tradition and religion with joyful memories.

Conclusion: Easter in the U.S. – Customs, Shopping Behavior, and Advertising Effectiveness

Our study on Easter in the U.S. has provided insightful revelations into celebration traditions, shopping behavior, and advertising effectiveness. We found that Easter is much more than a religious festival: It’s a cultural phenomenon that brings families together and impacts the retail sector. Preferences and trends in shopping behavior and the effectiveness of different advertising strategies underscore the importance of targeted market research.

The results show that traditions and family gatherings are at the forefront, while retail plays a vital role both offline and online. The perception of advertising and the selection of advertising elements offer valuable insights for marketing strategies, especially in terms of digital innovations and visual design.

For retailers and advertisers, understanding regional particularities and preferences is crucial for success. Here, resonio can play a key role. With our efficient market research tool, you can gain deep insights into consumer behavior and tailor your offerings and marketing strategies accordingly.

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