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Ads are everywhere. To make an impact, they need to be targeted and memorable. Use ad surveys for real-time insights to create ads that truly resonate with your target audience. Read more about and try out our ad survey tool for ad testing.

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That’s how easy resonio’s ad survey tool works for ad testing

ad testing tool survey creation

Create your ad survey

Construct ad surveys in a matter of minutes thanks to ready-to-use templates and a simple interface.

ad testing tool survey target group segmentation

Select your audience

Select your audience and target particular groups with your ad survey using our numerous and precise segmentation options.

ad testing tool results

Receive your results

Set a deadline for your ad survey and monitor its progress on our ad survey testing tool’s dashboard.

Message testing

Test your ad message and find the right words

Marketing messages work – if they are clear and matter to your audience. Get insights from potential buyers. Use the ad testing results to fine-tune ad content and maximize impact.

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Analysis of an ad survey

Creative testing

Run ad surveys that work

Make the most out of your advertising budget! Feedback from your target audience allows you to find out which creative works well and which ones you can still improve.

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Campaign effectiveness

Measure your marketing success

Good data drives good decisions. An ad survey tool for ad testing allows you to track your campaign’s effectiveness with your target group. See whether you’ve reached your goals and then use your insights to optimize your efforts.

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ad testing survey to ensure campaign effectiveness

Use resonio’s ad survey tool for all types of advertising research

creative testing

Creative testing

message testing at resonio

Message testing

ad campaign effectiveness testing

Campaign effectiveness

purchase intent research

Purchase intent

Ad recall testing

Ad recall

brand awareness research

Brand awareness

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Get started with an ad survey at resonio

The first step to increase your campaign effectiveness is the analysis of your advertising impact. Find everything you need for this at resonio, including simple tool navigation, templates for successful ad surveys, and global survey participants. This will enable you to swiftly implement ad testing surveys and obtain results. The final report helps you to derive specific measures and successfully optimize your ad messages and campaigns altogether.

FAQ: The most important questions about ad surveys

What is an ad survey?

An ad survey is a research tool used to gather information on the effectiveness, reach, or perception of an advertising campaign. It may be conducted through various methods such as online questionnaires, phone interviews, or focus groups, and aims to provide insights that can be used for improving or evaluating the advertising strategy.

How does an ad testing tool work?

An ad testing tool evaluates the effectiveness of different elements of an advertising campaign, usually through A/B testing or multivariate testing. It shows different versions of an ad to different segments of an audience and tracks key performance indicators like click-through rates, conversions, and engagement. Based on the data collected, marketers can determine which version performs best and make data-driven decisions to optimize the campaign.
resonio can be used as an ad testing tool by creating and deploying appropriate ad surveys.

What do I need in order to conduct an ad survey?

If you want to conduct an ad survey, you should know which aspects of your campaign you want to research and which target group you want to address. With this information, you can create a suitable ad testing survey, send it to the appropriate target group and thus obtain meaningful results.

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