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Easy science with academic survey software

If you’re busy with challenging scientific research, at least don’t break your head using complicated academic survey software. Find ready-to-go templates, meaningful reports and help for interpreting your data at resonio.

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Here’s how easy it is to use resonio as a academic survey software for research

academic survey software survey questionnaire creation

Compile an academic survey

Create academic surveys quickly with the help of ready-to-use templates and an intuitive user interface.

academic survey software target group segmentation

Decide who to address

Use one of our many detailed and precise segmentation choices to accurately target your specified groups.

academic survey tool results

Monitor your outcomes

On the dashboard of our academic research tool, you can set a deadline for your survey and track its development.

Psychological research

Expand your reach with academic survey software

In psychological research, it can be a challenge to get enough people to respond to your research questions. When you require a cost-effective and efficient way to target a large sample size, our survey software for research provides you with a global community to answer your questions.

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results of a representative survey in an academic research tool
display of a data in a survey software for research

Quantitative data analysis

Minimal effort for lots of data

With our academic survey software, you can quickly set up, conduct, and analyze online surveys, enabling you to efficiently test your hypotheses. Use ready-made survey templates, different media formats and logical rules to create exactly the survey you need.

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Longitudinal studies

Academic research tools for longitudinal studies

For some purposes, it is not enough to question people only once. With resonio’s academic survey software, you can send participants surveys at regular intervals to track and analyze their responses throughout the study.

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longitudinal study in an academic research tool

Use resonio’s survey software for all types of academic research

Longitudinal studies

Longitudinal studies

Psychological research

Psychological research

Quantative data analysis

Quantative data analysis

Sociological research

Sociological research

Political research

Political research

Economic research

Economic research

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Academic survey software for research – resonio

In order to have enough time for your scientific work, simplicity and efficiency are key when it comes to academic survey software. Fortunately, resonio provides you with everything you need for your scientific surveys: ready-made templates, survey participants from different countries and in all age groups (starting at 18 years) as well as a final report with all of your results. An automated fraud detection protects you from dubious survey respondents and security gaps. Your sensitive survey data is safe at resonio. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.

FAQ: Frequent questions regarding academic survey software

How to use academic survey software?

When conducting an academic survey, it is important to have a clearly defined research question. Identify clear objectives and design a survey that accurately addresses the research questions. Pay attention to anonymity and data protection. In addition, the validity and reliability of the survey must be ensured. Do not forget ethics and asking for consent from the participants. After collecting data, careful evaluation and interpretation of the results is necessary. Learn more about writing good survey questions.

What does it cost to use resonio’s survey software for academic research?

The cost of creating an academic survey with resonio including access to survey participants, answers and report depends on the amount of questions and participants. Calculate the price in advance in our calculator.

Is there funding for academic surveys?

For students, even low costs are a barrier to conducting academic surveys. Therefore, funding is essential to proceed with research projects. Check out fellowship schemes and project grants by the government, charity organizations or the respective industry in order to get funding for professional software for academic surveys.

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